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Quality Control and Testing

At our factory, separate provision has been made for the testing of the components and switchboards.Start Electrical Switchgear LLC., is fully equipped with the necessary test kits and equipments. To carry out the requirements of the standard tests as per IEC 60439 / BS 5486

In-house Tests

  • HV Test 2.5 Kv for 1 min
  • Insulation Resistance Test (Commonly known as Megger Test)
  • Primary Injection Test for all circuit breakers
  • Secondary tests for all protective relays and meters
  • Functional Test of all components and switchboards
  • Milli volt drop test
  • CT polarity Test
  • Functional Test of all components and switchboards

Test Equipments

SI No Description Of Equipment Manufacturer
1 HV Test kit2.5 kV Megger
2 Multifunction Test Kit ( Primary, Secondary and Contact Resistance) Raptor
3 Insulation resistance Tester 250V to 5000V, Upto15Tohm – Digital Megger
4 ACB Test Kit Schneider